Written by Peter Sweet and Giovanni Fusetti
Performed by Peter Sweet

This hilarious, heart-wrenching circus show follows the story of Maximillion the clown, as he balances, flips, and flops his way through a world filled with danger and excitement. For Maximillion the ultimate challenge is walking on the high rope, suspended precariously above the stage, it is also a poetic expression of the universal risk that we all take by being alive.

Swinging High is a show for all ages that brings the audience closer to understanding, and laughing, at its own fear through Maximillion, whose fear is so extreme as to be laughable. Ultimately, he dares to not only take his chances on the high rope, but also to juggle, perform acrobatics, sing, and dance on it! Maximillion shares with his audience his love of life even in the face of the struggles we all share.

Swinging High is about being scared to do something exciting, or excited to do something scary. It’s about facing your fears, and discovering a world full of wonder and possibility.